Key Factors of Your Office Environment That Could Be Impacting Productivity

Your office space is more than just the place where your employees show up for work. It has the power and ability to influence to impact everything from someone’s mood to their motivation. If you want your team to maximize their productivity, make sure to assess these influential factors of your office space.

Nature and Ample Light

The way that your office is lit has a vast impact on your staff. Natural light can boost your mood, reduce your stress and promote motivation. If you can, let in as much natural light as you can.

Ambient Sound

The reality of sound is that there is a fine balance at a workplace. Too many noises and you can interrupt your attention and too little sound can feel eerie and allow sound to travel easily. To have the optimal environment for productivity, you need a low level of ambient sound.

Music for Productivity

Music can help you feel in the zone, but the wrong playlist can leave you distracted and unfocused. If you want your team to feel motivated, let them listen to music and select the soundtrack that promotes their flow; however, they should keep their headphones at a volume that does not impede others.

Ideal Temperature

Much like music, office temperature can also be rather fickle. Whiles suggest that 71 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal; however, there is a lot of room for personal preference. You want your team to be comfortable without being too hot or too cold, so find the temperature that is right for you and your team.

Office Plants and Indoor Air Quality

Another influential factor to your team’s productivity is the air quality around them. Make sure that you have air filters that can purify the air, as this can improve your staff’s quality of life. Adding office plants as nature’s natural air purifiers can also help promote a healthier work environment.

Color Palette

If you want your team to embrace their most productive selves, make sure that you splash the right color palette on the walls. While red can bring out a fire-like passion, blue will offer a calmer feel. If your team functioning optimally, make sure that you align your color palette with your desired results.

If you want your team to maximize their output and enjoy their work experience, you need to turn your attention to the work environment. The right adaptions to your office space can set your team up for success.

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