Get Money That Is Easy to Pay Back

A small business needs more flexibility than a conventional loan can provide. A merchant cash advance from Funding The Dreams is a funding source your business can use for a variety of expenses and does not come with fixed monthly payments. Instead of riding the waves of fluctuating markets, rely on quick cash to meet your needs. We offer multiple benefits tailored to helping your business thrive. Find details on the subject of best paying online casino.

How To Get the Money You Need

Perhaps the best benefit we provide is a willingness to work with small businesses regardless of perfect credit scores. Other advantages we provide include:

  • Minimal paperwork
  • No application fee
  • No closing costs
  • No loss of equity
  • No required collateral

How Payback Works

Qualified applicants can gain up to $200,000 per physical business location. These funds arrive quickly and can be used for anything your business needs, such as inventory, advertising and expansion. Instead of fixed monthly payments, your business pays back this advance by simply doing business. We work with major creditors, including Discover, MasterCard and American Express, to place a portion of your merchant transactions toward payback.

Find Out More

Contact our office today to learn more about our merchant cash advance program for small businesses. A qualified loan expert can guide you through our application process and answer all of your questions.